“Sharp and sensual, Roxie and Fred is a provocative love story that explores…two very different people who yearn for connection. A sweet, sultry romance that shows how desire based on intellectual attraction trumps disparities of age and experience. These artists’ affair is definitely one to remember.”

Claire Foster

5-Star Review in Foreword Reviews

“We’ve had Colette’s aging courtesan Lea and her young lover Cheri; the unlikely pairing of the movie couple Harold (age 20) and Maud (age 79); and, most recently, the 39-year-old President of France, Emmanuel Macron, and his 24-years-older wife Brigitte. So the timing seems perfect for Roxie and Fred, Richard Alther’s novel of sex and friendship between an 88-year-old woman (in excellent shape!) and a 40-years-her-junior man (who requires a diet and some exercise to keep up). Readers will enjoy the warm-hearted celebration of this zesty old woman savoring the hell out of her final years.”

Judith Viorst

American writer, journalist, and bestselling author of I'M TOO YOUNG TO BE SEVENTY

“When this astonishing novel wasn’t cheering me up with its sweet and melancholy saga of late-life love, it was breaking my heart – and I was grateful for both. What a pleasure to spend time with these two fascinatingly complex souls – both of them – like all of this wonderful novel – brimming with life. I don’t often get choked up reading fiction, but Alther sure got me with this one, even reading it for a second time. Lovely.”

Richard Stevenson

Author of the award-winning Don Strachey mysteries

“This exploration of the role at art in modern society leaves us with a vision of possibilities yet to be discovered in our own lives. ROXIE & FRED is an engaging, thoughtful, truly exhilarating novel. It raises questions about what it means to be alive.”

William John Kennedy

Cornell University, Professor of Comparative Literature

“Roxie, what a gal! Alther has created a sparkling personality, a feisty unconventional woman, adventurous and altruistic, who breaks taboos with no fear of the consequences. The unexpected, uplifting relationship that develops between these two memorable characters is a great read.”

Mary K. Lynch

Cortland State College, Professor of English

“I devoured every word of Roxie & Fred. I read this book reading five pages forward, two back, chewing, chewing. Richard Alther is so brave, and open, revealing, and strong, wise and irreverent. And I could go on and on with not one word sufficing.”

Devarshi Steven Hartman

Author, Founder Pranotthan Yoga School

“BRAVO! to Richard Alther. I am not a very sentimental guy, but he brought tears to my eyes. All of it written in prose that approaches poetry. I am sure I missed much and will re-read it, but I must say I loved it.”

Jim Selsor

West Point, retired Army Colonel

“A fascinating page-turner that gives you an entirely new way of thinking about aging, health and romance. If you take care of yourself, maybe you have a lot more to look forward to than you’ve thought!”

John Robbins

Author of Healthy at 100 and President of the Food Revolution Network

“Roxie and Fred is unlike any novel I have ever read. Richard Alther really describes what it is like to be an artist, the physical process and the mental ups and downs, unlike any other author that I know of. And then there is the wonderful and rich relationship between a middle-aged man and an older woman. Outstanding!”

Catherine W. Hall

Professor of Art and Art History, Trinity College

“Roxie and Fred by Richard Alther is a great novel. A unique read. The pages went by quickly. A heated affair between two artists. An older woman of 88-years and a man of 48-years. Their romance is fun to follow. The writer’s words swept me further into the characters’ journey. Surprisingly, the woman is in better shape than her younger lover. Roxie and Fred is funny, sweet, and entertaining. I was hooked. A place where age doesn’t matter and love is in raw format. It was beautifully done. Richard Alther knew what he was creating and did it purposely. His characters are hard to forget even after finishing the book. Overall, I highly recommend Roxie and Fred to readers everywhere.”

Urban Book Reviews, 5 Stars

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“Keep at it, Richard. You can bloody well write, and with great facility.”

Doris Lessing